Brisbane, Queensland 28 June 2021

“I have been dealing with chronic psoriasis and eczema my whole life and have tried a multitude of creams and prescriptions but I was looking for something that was natural. When I tried Dermamagic, I was astounded that it took the itch away immediately and I could feel it working. After 3 days, the dry, red patchy skin on my arms had completely cleared. I also used it on dry patches on my back and I no longer claw myself in my sleep. I live in Queensland and the humidity usually makes me flare up but I can now wear t-shirts and am not embarrassed to show my arms. It truly is a magic cream and I recommend it to anyone who needs immediate relief from their skin conditions. Just ordered another little pot of magic!”

Sarah Thompson

28 June 2021

Since using Derma Magic I have found my breakouts have decreased / to being almost non-existent and Derma Magic has helped smooth the skin on my thighs from being once relatively rough to now smooth as smooth. The product is of premium quality at an affordable price. It's wonderful!

Don Hill

24 March 2020

This little company is providing a really remarkable and highly effective product for skin conditions. I have compromised allergies because of ant-rejection drugs. It has been the only product that works for me.

Robert Kulenicz

Adelaide, South Australia 22 March 2020

DERMA MAGIC:  for Real MEN...Real Results.

Before and after Derma Magic.

Robert is a former weightlifting champion and successful Adelaide Watchdoctor and entrepreneur.

Rob had agreed to participate in the website testimonials and is my greatest product fan after getting outstanding results from this world-class skin treatment conditioner...test results over three months..... specially formulated for Australian conditions for all Australia.

Don't you deserve some magic in your life?

Mick Foster

6 March 2020

This product is worth gold so good for all things relating to skin, nails, hair, dark spots on your face from Sun, without a doubt the best cream I have ever used Thank you

Zoey Glenda Dyson

Geelong, Victoria 5th March 2020

I have been using this myself having chemotherapy dried skin and sores from none to Hodgkin's lymphoma. I also used on my great-grandson red and sore skin both of us have benefited with simply amazing results Also have a black mark I've had on my face for 15 years is fading when all else failed the benefit of this cream is without a doubt magic

Wayne J

St Agnes. SA. 2 May 2019

I have recently been using your cream and am experiencing results that have really surprised me. For over 30 years, I have suffered from persistent moderate psoriasis. During that time, I have used literally hundreds of treatments including those medically prescribed and other over the counter and "traditional" home remedies with limited and fleeting benefits. I had resigned myself to accepting the condition and living with it. A friend recommended your product to me and I have been delighted with the results. The redness and scaling have virtually disappeared and best of all - so has the irritation and itchiness. I have recommended and shared your product with a few friends who also report positive results. Thank you for the development of this cream that has given me the relief that I had long ago abandoned hope for.


Thank you for my little pot of cream... lt seems to have stopped the itch on my legs where l have a couple of spots of psoriasis.... l noticed the cream had a lovely fresh fragrance which soon disappeared after being applied.   I have tried the cream on my daughter-in-law's hands which she has psoriasis also, quite bad on her fingers. She said it stopped the itch almost immediately and the psoriasis condition also improved and soon felt a whole lot better...she wanted some more of that cream...! I also tried the cream with one of my friends at work who has psoriasis all over her trunk...she said it took the itch away within minutes allowing her to have a decent nights rest as well as improving the psoriasis condition considerably.

Nathan G

South Aust. 23 Aug 2019.

I am 17 years and since working at (car dealership withheld) I spend all day cleaning and washing cars for customers and sales in the dealership. I had to take 2 weeks off due to the very bad dermatitis, which developed on my hands despite using gloves. Dad knew of the product Derma Magic which I used for about a week....the dermatitis completely cleared up and the skin back to better than normal. Awesome.

Steve V

Campbell town. SA

I had known John for many years but for some reason one day a conversation led to a discussion that I discovered that I was not the only person suffering from Psoriasis, as he was also a long time sufferer. John had developed an ointment/cream over the years that had dramatically assisted him; being skeptical, I tried a batch and within a few short weeks noticed the dramatic difference with my skin. The itchiness had subsided, the scaling of skin had diminished dramatically and overall my confidence in wearing clothing that I had normally shun from…I could now wear in public. I had not worn shorts in public for over 5 years, what a sense of relief. For me personally to have an ointment/cream that has no steroid based products and is 100% natural is extremely important. Thanks John, no need to hide those spots anymore; you have made me feel like good old me again. Client for life!

John H

Noosa. Qld

As a sufferer of psoriasis for over 40 years, the product was able to clear up my skin in 4 days. I gave the left over product to a friend who also has psoriasis and am told he has had similar results. Thank you so much.

Andrew B

Perth. WA

As an amputee, I have many problems with the skin adjoining my Prosthetic leg.... Derma Magic is the only soothing application, which has EVER been able to sooth and heal my condition. Very happy with the product.

Avenel Grace

Health Practioner

I have known Derma Magic's Founder for close to 40 years, both as a Business Consultant, who first helped us in business in the early 1980’s to becoming a loved friend through the years. When he first mentioned the cream, he had developed over a lengthy time which he claimed helped in many skin conditions, as well as being a great facial and body moisturizer, I was immediately hopeful that he would achieve his dream of having it selling on the open market so all could benefit. The product John has developed has come out of a lifelong search for some product, which would help his persistent Psoriasis, which up until now, has only been treated with steroidal and other chemical ointments and injections. The product also helps with Eczema, cracking and dried hands and feet, (particularly where people work with soils and in factories with chemicals), and many other skin problems such as Acne and dry flaky skin. Much thanks goes to John’s friend and mentor Dr Bob Grace PhD (1940- 2010) has been a catalyst for John’s persistence in pursuing his dream of leaving a lasting legacy for many people in their search for better health. I applaud John for his perseverance in bringing this cream to the market through all the requirements and regulations that plague our nation. I hope the reader and any who have skin problems will Read this book and find relief from their problems. Avenel Grace C.M.T.A.. B.E.M.C. (Dip)

Robert W

Neutral Bay. Sydney. 29 Oct 2019

I have been using DERMA MAGIC for some time now, and find the product exceptional for the following: - ITCH: resolves all my skin itch around my Prosthetic Leg, after 1 day - FACE: removes all my skin imperfections after 2 days - FEET: removes my tinea after 3 days - DERMA: I could not do without it, as it sooths and repairs all my skin irritations.


Croydon SA 23 OCT 2019

Great product for skin. Tinea completely gone first day.


Mt Gambier

An existing skin rash to the face for some time gone with two applications per day...skin back to normal in ten days. Health professionals without result previously treated my daughter’s acne…. Derma Magic applied twice per day. Acne gone in 12 days.