About Us

About our Company.

The product Derma Magic has been evolved out of decades of research, trial and development.

Its founder is now aged over seventy, and for over half a lifetime has been a passionate and practising advocate of natural medicine spanning across a myriad of different cultures, herbal and healing formulations...some good, some not so good.

As a sufferer of a skin condition called psoriasis, the developer was frustrated and often embarrassed that seemingly nothing could be done to eradicate this problem.

After many visits to health care professionals and many thousands of dollars later, he came to the conclusion that psoriasis as an auto immune deficiency in the body was extremely difficult to treat.

Our founder was not phased and over the decades concluded that psoriasis including other skin disorders could indeed be successfully 'managed', if not able to be fully treated.

Which leads us to our next heading of listing a number of tips and guidelines, which will be useful in the 'management' of psoriasis and other skin related conditions.